Ok, going to share with you something. Yes, I am a Daddy, Yes I am a pretty fearless individual…lol…But even I have my “little” thing. Not that I am a “little”, but something in my life sure is.

Let me introduce you to my buddy Philly. Philly is a teddy bear. Yep. The greatest teddy bear ever.

Philly came into my life around 1995. I was living in Massachusetts and was at a week long convention in Philadelphia, PA. I was in a strange city..I knew no one. I know it was only a week, but when I wasn’t at the convention center, I found myself bored and sad sometimes.

One day at the Convention center I was passing a little souvenir stand. I saw this bear in the glass case. For some reason he made me smile. He seemed to have a bit of a bratty but cute face. I asked the little old lady how much? She said “Oh he has been with me for a long time..But if you’ll give him a good home? Six dollars would be fine” DONE DEAL!!!

I took him back to my hotel and got him ready for the five hour drive back to Boston the next morning..Yes, I talked to him..Still do…lol

Philly and I have been through a lot of good times and some very bad times together. I know it sounds silly for someone like me to grow this attached to a stuffed bear, but hey, that’s your opinion..He is a friend and a sounding board when needed. We have each others backs.. 😉

Philly came dressed in a bow tie and a Philadelphia T-shirt. Over the years I have found other shirts so he can change clothes now and then so he doesn’t get all funky and gross and I can do his laundry! Hahahahaha…

Well, today..My amazing wife and kitten..Took it upon herself to make Philly a brand new sweater!!! I absolutely LOVE it and I love her so much…Philly is one handsome dude and a sharp dresser…

Thanks for stopping by!

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