So, let me tell you a story..

I was always slightly super of my life I was rarely ill, I didn’t feel physical pain like mere mortals despite a few horrific injuries and mediacl procedures..Yes, I made a dentist sick and applaud when he did surgery on my mouth with no Anesthesia..I could party like a rock star and work on no sleep.Energy beyond words…

THEN??? I hit 50…Yep..I did..It was bound to happen, right? Now don’t get me wrong..I still am quite a physical specimen..I still have all my hair.Thank God.I only need glasses to read….I work harder than half the people I know that are half my age..But there are little things creeping uninvited into my world.

My metabolism has slowed of course. Not a lot, but I certainly have more in the belly region then I am used to. I have a real Doctor now…Even an allergist! Had my first kidney stone recently…Still have it.

I have to think now about how badly I need something if it involves a flight of stairs. When I drop something I swear the floor gets farther away every passing month. And yes, for the first time ever…I have in fact gotten up to pee in the middle of the night..Dreadful…There is Metamucil in my home..

I always knew these days were coming, but like anyone, you wish they were much further off..

I still feel like a young spirit inside, and probably always will..It’s just funny..Binge drinking and Hot wing eating contests just aren’t as appealing as they once were…Quiet dinner at home with my kitten, TV and an afternoon nap are how I really enjoy rocking it now…

As far as my overall life at this age go though? Thanks to my wonderful wife I wouldn’t change my age for anything ever…

Thanks all!

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