Philly’s New Sweater.

Ok, going to share with you something. Yes, I am a Daddy, Yes I am a pretty fearless individual…lol…But even I have my “little” thing. Not that I am a “little”, but something in my life sure is.

Let me introduce you to my buddy Philly. Philly is a teddy bear. Yep. The greatest teddy bear ever.

Philly came into my life around 1995. I was living in Massachusetts and was at a week long convention in Philadelphia, PA. I was in a strange city..I knew no one. I know it was only a week, but when I wasn’t at the convention center, I found myself bored and sad sometimes.

One day at the Convention center I was passing a little souvenir stand. I saw this bear in the glass case. For some reason he made me smile. He seemed to have a bit of a bratty but cute face. I asked the little old lady how much? She said “Oh he has been with me for a long time..But if you’ll give him a good home? Six dollars would be fine” DONE DEAL!!!

I took him back to my hotel and got him ready for the five hour drive back to Boston the next morning..Yes, I talked to him..Still do…lol

Philly and I have been through a lot of good times and some very bad times together. I know it sounds silly for someone like me to grow this attached to a stuffed bear, but hey, that’s your opinion..He is a friend and a sounding board when needed. We have each others backs.. 😉

Philly came dressed in a bow tie and a Philadelphia T-shirt. Over the years I have found other shirts so he can change clothes now and then so he doesn’t get all funky and gross and I can do his laundry! Hahahahaha…

Well, today..My amazing wife and kitten..Took it upon herself to make Philly a brand new sweater!!! I absolutely LOVE it and I love her so much…Philly is one handsome dude and a sharp dresser…

Thanks for stopping by!

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Daddy’s Fur

Ok no secret to those that know kitten and I that we have a huge fur fetish.Fox, Lynx, Bobcat, Raccoon, Wolf, Coyote, Mink, Sable…All just to die for…But when push comes to shove? What is MY kittens favorite?? Daddy’s fur!! On his belly! So many times, I will be walking by her shirtless and she will put her arms out sitting in the chair and pulls me in to rub my belly fur with her hands for a bit and then rub her face all over it! She loves all my fur, but the tummy seems to be her favorite.

She just rubes her head and face all over it and goes into such a peaceful place..I can see it in her eyes as I look down at her and give her a huge loving smile and stroke her hair and hold her little face in my hand..Gotta say, I love it too…

Saturday Morning with us…

So, this was our Saturday….Me and my kitten! Woke up, had some banking to tend to..Need them bucks! Afterwards, kitten suggested a quick bite at our favorite local bagel shop/deli..She had the cinnamon-sugar bagel with cream cheese and I went all out with the Sun Rise Eggel..(ham, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel)..Two big ole glasses of OJ and kittens vat of coffee of course.

After getting our food holes stuffed we ran off to get gas and ciggies and a few other required items…Hit the house for a quick chill out and get Daddy ready for work at 3:00 p.m…We headed out about 2:20 or so to pick up a few snackies for my lunch at work…kitten dropped me off at work and had a few errands to run herself…Groceries etc…

Well, about a half hour into my shift I see kitten come to the side of the front desk and just said my name and pointed as I was dealing with a guest….I look over and what do I see??? A giant bag of honey roasted sesame sticks! Woo hoo!!!!! And Why? Just because….

I really do have the best wife on Earth…Snack just because and the fact that she referred to our morning errands and bagels as “A little date before work” just makes me smile…I love you kitten!