So, the process has begun for kitten and I to begin our new life together back in New England. Let me fill you in if you don’t already know. And if you did know, that’s just kinda creepy. Stop stalking me.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts. Lived there 51 years of my life. All over the place. Mostly Natick, MA. Lived in Concord, Marlborough, Malden, Framingham. Until one fateful night back in early 2018 I came across online the most beautiful face I had ever seen, My kitten of course. Had to talk to her. No matter what the outcome would be. Well, that outcome became me moving to California in October 2018 and marrying her February of 2019. I think it worked out beyond quite well.

Well, after 2 and a half years here, kitten and I have decided to pack up, sell the house and move to New England. Probably New Hampshire, possibly Massachusetts. Where ever we can find just the right home for us. Don’t get me wrong, I have grown to love Northern California. I have met some unforgettable people in my time here. But after a few years of wildfire evacuations and also the cost of living compared to back East? It’s time for a change. Well, it won’t be much of a shock to me, but my little one is a native Californian and has never been to New Hampshire and has spent only a quick week in Mass. It’s going to be a big wonderful change for her. I honestly have no fears that she won’t fall in love with it.

There will certainly be an adjustment for her weather wise for sure. Winters back East can be harsh, cruel and long. Luckily, she doesn’t have to leave the house for work, and it’s a Hell of an excuse to buy lots more fur!! (You may want to read my Fur Fetish

Besides a better cost of living in general, we will also be close to my brother and sister who I haven’t seen since I’ve been out West. And they haven’t met my wife yet. Looking forward to that big time.

There are so many little things I have missed being out here that I look forward to seeing/doing when we get back East. A Red Sox game at Fenway. A stroll with kitten through Faneuil Hall, a trip over to Boston’s North End (slice of Regina’s pizza of course), picnic at the South Natick waterfall, A Casey’s hot dog, maybe a Pops concert in the Summer out at Tanglewood. I have so many things I want to show her from my life from before we met. Hope they bring as much joy to her as they did me all those years. Can’t wait to take her up north and show her the Mount Washington Valley area. Spent many a day hiking, climbing, canoeing and shopping around there.

Well, the move is going to happen this Summer sometime. As soon as humanly possible. I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of our life together.

Thanks for tuning in. Have a great day all

2 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. I have to admit that I find it a bit amusing that you’re in the process of moving and don’t seem to have a destination firmed up. Or at least your post reads that way.

    I’ve lived in the Northeast all my life and there are places here that rival California in so many different ways that it’s hard to list them all. Sure the winters are harsh at times, but the summers are warm, inviting, and comfortable. Though I grew up in the Hudson Valley (pretty much a stone’s throw from the Mass border) I’ve been living in the Finger Lakes for almost the past thirty years. While I figure sometime in the next ten years or so I might be moving south, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve experienced here for anything.

    Looking forward to more stories about your moving experience and what all happens when you get to Massachusetts, NH or even Vermont. Are you going to be staying in the same industry that you’re currently in, or perhaps branching out to something new? Kinky B&B perhaps?

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  2. When I was married to ex-wife #2, we would go to her family’s “Summer” place on an inlet of Buzzards Bay near Nee Bedford. Quaint was the operative word. Definitely a nice part of New England.

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