Philly’s New Sweater.

Ok, going to share with you something. Yes, I am a Daddy, Yes I am a pretty fearless individual…lol…But even I have my “little” thing. Not that I am a “little”, but something in my life sure is.

Let me introduce you to my buddy Philly. Philly is a teddy bear. Yep. The greatest teddy bear ever.

Philly came into my life around 1995. I was living in Massachusetts and was at a week long convention in Philadelphia, PA. I was in a strange city..I knew no one. I know it was only a week, but when I wasn’t at the convention center, I found myself bored and sad sometimes.

One day at the Convention center I was passing a little souvenir stand. I saw this bear in the glass case. For some reason he made me smile. He seemed to have a bit of a bratty but cute face. I asked the little old lady how much? She said “Oh he has been with me for a long time..But if you’ll give him a good home? Six dollars would be fine” DONE DEAL!!!

I took him back to my hotel and got him ready for the five hour drive back to Boston the next morning..Yes, I talked to him..Still do…lol

Philly and I have been through a lot of good times and some very bad times together. I know it sounds silly for someone like me to grow this attached to a stuffed bear, but hey, that’s your opinion..He is a friend and a sounding board when needed. We have each others backs.. 😉

Philly came dressed in a bow tie and a Philadelphia T-shirt. Over the years I have found other shirts so he can change clothes now and then so he doesn’t get all funky and gross and I can do his laundry! Hahahahaha…

Well, today..My amazing wife and kitten..Took it upon herself to make Philly a brand new sweater!!! I absolutely LOVE it and I love her so much…Philly is one handsome dude and a sharp dresser…

Thanks for stopping by!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

100 Things About Me…

1. Former Professional BMX Racer.

2. I love horror movies. The bloodier the better.

3. Lived in Germany for about a year.

4. Elvis and I share a Birthday

5. Middleweight Amateur Boxer for 9 years.

6. I am legally blind and deaf on my right side.

7. Leg pressed 1,100 lbs three times once.

8. Deathly allergic to bees.

9. Love to cook/bake. I make some mean pork chops and blueberry muffins.

10. I was Lyndon B. Johnson in a grade school play once.

11. I am mildly allergic to cherries.

12. Have one tattoo and no piercings. More tats to come..maybe…lol

13. Was born in the same hospital as JFK.

14. Went to college for about two weeks…

15. Have received more compliments on my voice than anything else in my life.

16. Broke a record for a 5K run when I was 18..Record still stands 34 years later.

17. Lived in Massachusetts 51 years..California less then One year..

18. Favorite foods are Fried chicken, ribs, steak and pork chops.

19. I really don’t like seafood.

20. I despise wine.

21. Youngest of three. One brother and one sister.

22. I was a twin. I survived, he didn’t.

23. My parents legally changed my name to my twins name.

24. I hate flying.

25. Married for the first AND ONLY time at 52. I really love my wife. 😉

26. My favorite craft/hobby is leatherworking…

27. Once took a motorcycle to over 100 mph.

28. Was quite an accomplished Clarinet player.

29. If I had to pick one favorite movie? I would say “In The Heat of the Night” with Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier…

30. Gasoline and fresh cut grass are two of my favorite smells.

31. I know how to ride a horse.

32. Baseball is my favorite sport.Go Red Sox! And Giants!

33. I really dislike peach or mango flavored anything.

34. I hate “Friends”…

35. My wife, my kitten…she is my whole universe.

36. I prefer Vinyl records to any other music media.

37. I am a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury guy.

38. Started going gray when I was 19.

39. I can dislocate my left thumb.

40. I love turtles and frogs.

41. I am terrified of snakes, sharks, and alligators.

42. My favorite Non-domesticated animal is the Hippo.

43. I ate my first egg this year.

44. I once saved a persons severed thumb.

45. I did the morning Sports/News on a college radio station for a buddy once one summer. At 5:00 a.m.

46. I am NOT a morning person.

47. Jim Beam Black is my favorite bourbon.

48. Not a fan of beer that much, but I prefer really cheap beers.

49. French Toast, bacon, hash browns and scrambled eggs is my favorite breakfast…

50. I have owned 8 motorcycles.

51. I have owned 14 cars/trucks.

52. My favorite road bicycle was my 1984 Lotus Unique.

53. recently found out I have Welsh roots on my Dad’s side.

54. My dad was the first air traffic controller on duty during the Berlin Airlift.

55. TANG was invented in my hometown.

56. I do not own a cell phone.

57. I made Robin Williams laugh once.

58. I love Frito’s and Cream Cheese.

59. I get headaches at the drop of a hat. Not bad, but frequent.

60. I have very good night vision. Despite one good eye..

61. I love old cartoons.

62. I had a cardiac episode at 37.

63. At least 10 of my Facebook friends are dead.

64. I’ve never seen one episode of Game of Thrones.

65. I lived for many years at exact Mile 10 of the Boston Marathon route.

67. Meeting Bob from Sesame Street made me feel like a kid again.

68. Meeting Brooke Shields turned me into a babbling idiot..

69. As far as Canadian rock trios go, I prefer Triumph to RUSH..

70. First time I saw my wife’s picture online, I said I have to talk to that face. The rest is history.

71. We are still newlyweds.

72. I love pickles but hate them on my burgers.

73. Iced tea is my favorite beverage.

74. I’ve climbed Mt.Washington in New Hampshire 8 times.

75. When I raced, I logged 4-500 miles a week on my bike, training alone.

76. I was invited to the 1984 Olympic Trials…I didn’t make the

77. At one point I owned almost 1,500 vinyl albums.

78. Real Fur is my biggest fetish.

79. I am intrigued and very turned on by hypnosis.

80. I really can’t draw..

81. Took a cake decorating class once and found that I am naturally horrible at it..

82. Being from New England, I love the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics, but NOT the Patriots. I am an Oakland Raiders fan since I was 8!

83. I have seen 11 dead bodies on the job in hotels over the years.

84. At 10 years old, my best buddy dared me to jam a nail into an electrical outlet….I did…lol

85. I think Tom Jones is awesome..

86. I was a canoe instructor for several Summers at a Boy Scout camp.

87. I have no kids.

88. I was once ran the metal shop for a high end stereo speaker company.

89. Cap’n Crunch Crunberries are my favorite cereal.

90. I wear between a 9 1/2- 10 shoe.

91. My hat size is 7 5/8th…I look good in hats…

92. I’m eating a ham sandwich right now.

93. Would love to own a small vintage bicycle shop someday.

94. Been working virtually non stop since I was 13.

95. I love cross country skiing.

96. I am an excellent rifle shot.

97. Is this done yet?

98. I am at work right now.

99. My middle name is Robert after my Dad.

100. My favorite color is orange.

Daddy’s Fur

Ok no secret to those that know kitten and I that we have a huge fur fetish.Fox, Lynx, Bobcat, Raccoon, Wolf, Coyote, Mink, Sable…All just to die for…But when push comes to shove? What is MY kittens favorite?? Daddy’s fur!! On his belly! So many times, I will be walking by her shirtless and she will put her arms out sitting in the chair and pulls me in to rub my belly fur with her hands for a bit and then rub her face all over it! She loves all my fur, but the tummy seems to be her favorite.

She just rubes her head and face all over it and goes into such a peaceful place..I can see it in her eyes as I look down at her and give her a huge loving smile and stroke her hair and hold her little face in my hand..Gotta say, I love it too…

Where’s kitten???

Ok, so one of the best parts of Daddy-kitten simple fun time is when we play “Where’s kitten?”..Just randomly, for no reason, kitten will hide her head under a blanket or pull her Unicorn Pajama hood over her entire head and face…The I go into “Oh my goodness! I was just talking to kitten! Where ever could she be?” I’ll hear little snickering from under the hood/blanket…Then I’ll say in just the right tone “Wherrrrre’s kitten???” And she will POP her face out with the biggest smile for Daddy and yell “Here I am!” and start giggling for the longest times..This will repeat several times, usually a couple times a week…It’s silly, but it’s our silly and we love it!!

Love you MY little one…

Under Construction…A study in stress and Daddy-kitten dynamics…

Stress..Yep…There is that ugly ass word..For those of you that don’t know, and why would you? Our home has been under repair, remodel since July 27th due to burst water pipes..What an absolute nightmare on SO many levels..Financially, living conditions, even stuff as simple as cooking has had its challenges, But how would this affect the Daddy-kitten dynamic you ask?

Allow me to explain…Since the first day it happened, the whole situation has been a colossal cluster fuck on all levels. I won’t go into full details, but our hands were tied regarding timelines on repairs. Something that could have been handled in a matter of a few weeks is now running into 3 months.That being said, let me continue.

Now, in our day to day normal lives, we live a very classic Daddy-kitten dynamic. My little housewife and kitten handling her tasks and having fun with life. Let Daddy handle the big stuff and work, right? Well, too much of that has been changed. kitten has been put in a situation where she has to be BIG too often and for too long now. My hours of work have made it necessary for her to handle most of the finances regarding the repairs and make all the appointments for the workers and such.. Constant phone calls, clearing up miscommunications etc. Although I am SO very proud of kitten, as she has amazing organizational skills and is a stickler for details, this has been overwhelming on so many levels for her….Me as well, as I can’t be there in person enough for her.

Now when I say she is a stickler for details I have learned a few things…1.Be on TIME!!! If you have an appointment with us? Be there…10 O’clock MEANS 10 O’clock…If you can’t guarantee that? Give us a window to expect you. kittens creed is if she is “on time?” She is late…2. Don’t even try and slip some bullshit passed her…Trying to slip BS passed her is like trying to throw a pork chop passed a starving wolf…Ain’t gonna fucking happen….

I myself am TRYING my best to keep her calm and make sure she has plenty of little fun time…She knows she is loved to the ends of the Universe and back, but as incredible and amazing as I am? I am only human and this stress is taking it’s toll on me as well…Daddy’s can break down too…

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that….Keep us in your thoughts as we continue to navigate through the shit storm and remain the best Daddy and kitten we can…

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day

The Dr.Daddy Is In…

So Sunday, woke up with my kitten as usual…A little bit later we started in on Mt.Laundry pile…It was getting out of control…lol…Did a few chores around the house when kitten sat down and said she really wasn’t feeling good..Yuck tummy and such. I notice she was looking unusually pink and feeling quite warm…That’s It! Time for kitten to take some medicine and lay down! Daddy has this! Took care of the rest of the laundry, made sure kitten had some dinner later..Kielbasa and baked potatoes which were awesome…yes, Daddy cooks too…lol….After a long day of yucky on the couch, I took kitten back upstairs to bed, as I was heading there for a nap before work myself.

A few short hours later, I woke up, got ready for work. kitten stayed in bed so before I walked out the door, I went back up to see if she needed anything before I left, tucked her in all comfy and kissed her goodnight….Off to work I went.

At about 4:30 a.m, my phone rang and to my surprise and delight it was kitten!!! She had just woken up and went for a glass of water but wanted to hear my voice and tell me she was feeling MUCH better and thanked me for taking care of her…

No thanks needed, it’s what GOOD Daddy’s do!!!

Love you kitten and see you real soon! Have a great day all!

Saturday Morning with us…

So, this was our Saturday….Me and my kitten! Woke up, had some banking to tend to..Need them bucks! Afterwards, kitten suggested a quick bite at our favorite local bagel shop/deli..She had the cinnamon-sugar bagel with cream cheese and I went all out with the Sun Rise Eggel..(ham, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel)..Two big ole glasses of OJ and kittens vat of coffee of course.

After getting our food holes stuffed we ran off to get gas and ciggies and a few other required items…Hit the house for a quick chill out and get Daddy ready for work at 3:00 p.m…We headed out about 2:20 or so to pick up a few snackies for my lunch at work…kitten dropped me off at work and had a few errands to run herself…Groceries etc…

Well, about a half hour into my shift I see kitten come to the side of the front desk and just said my name and pointed as I was dealing with a guest….I look over and what do I see??? A giant bag of honey roasted sesame sticks! Woo hoo!!!!! And Why? Just because….

I really do have the best wife on Earth…Snack just because and the fact that she referred to our morning errands and bagels as “A little date before work” just makes me smile…I love you kitten!

I Don’t Like Fridays..

Not the restaurant, no, although not a fan of that either…Fridays the day…Which to me is Tuesday…keeping up with me so far?

Let me explain…Right now I normally work Friday-Tuesday, so by that logic, my Friday is Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday are my weekend.

So Tuesday I usually work Graveyard shifts..Meaning that I technically lose half a day off because I crash half the day away often…

It also means I am on the end of a five day stretch spending valuable time away from my wife…My kitten!!! Not cool….Even though I work only 6 miles from home, it bums me out big time to be away from her. especially the overnights where I can’t call it a day and climb into bed with her…

That is my Friday/Tuesday dilemma…I just miss my little one.