Just heard the news of The Cars front man Ric Okasek’s passing at the age of 75. No cause released as of yet.

I was always a pretty big fan of The Cars, being a Boston based band and also they definitely had a sound of their own, bridging classic rock and a new wave sound.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr.Ocasek twice in my life…Once at a local gas station, just sort of bumped into him and said “Hello”..He was quite curteous to me..

The second time was as guest at a former hotel I worked at. I had to knock on his door and tell him about a noise complaint…He could not have been more upset and embarrassed and apologized to the ends of the Earth…Very gracious…The noise in fact was his crazy bitch wife Paulina Poizkova…She was running around their suite chasing her kids and screaming like a drunken banshee…She gave me a look over his shoulder like “Who was I to even SPEAK to them??” Remember me Paulaina?? Yeah, I haven’t forgotten…lol…He assured me it would be handled right away…I thanked him and walked away smiling as I heard Ric shut the door and TEAR into her for being an idiot and making him look like a fool…Thanks Ric…

Your sound will be missed…Maybe you and Benjamin can send us some jam session tapes from beyond…

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