Bullshit in TV Land

So, it’s no secret to anyone that knows me, that I am a TV junkie. Yep. Always have been since I was a wee lad. I mean come on, TV educates, informs, keeps us up to date on world events, teaches kids their ABC’s and kept them glued to and quiet for hours watching Bugs Bunny, gives us endless hours of the wonderful world of sports. You can get an 21 in one adjustable wrench tool gizmo thingy for the low price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling, but wait! Call now and get a second on free. Just pay additional shipping. Many of us developed our first crushes on TV. The list is endless. Yes, I am the guys that when it comes to TV trivia, I’ll make your head spin.

So, in my recent years I have been a huge fan of Food Network. I watch it probably more than I should. My Mom never understood the attraction to it. “Why would you want to watch people eat?” she once said. LOL! She may have had a point. But regardless, I love it. Can’t help myself.

The wife and I have a pretty decent amount of channels on our cable package. Not the top of the line by any means, but more than we could ever watch. Food Network, HGTV and History channel are a few of our “go to” channels. All included in our package. Cool right? Hold on to your hats and follow this.

It seems that Food Network, HGTV and a few others are taking some of their best programs and switching them over to another all inclusive network called “Discovery Plus”. Which, on top of your regular already outrageous cable bill starts at another $ 4.99 a month. Sounds like peanuts, right? Well hear me out. This is where I get profoundly pissed off.

Um. we are in a world wide shut down. Quarantine, situation for the last year now. People with little to no other form of entertainment outside of TV. Businesses shutting down and people losing jobs and sources of income in staggering numbers. And these, pardon my French, fucking vultures at the Discovery network want to totally swoop down and ass rape the general public by asking for MORE money???? Your timing could not be worse and I could not be more ashamed and disgusted with your network for launching this program at this time. This is such a nut slap to the code of business ethics in my opinion. How dare you.

Well, that’s just one mans opinion I guess. Would love to hear some feed back. Am I wrong in thinking this?

Have a wonderful day people. Fight the power.