Wolf Cop 2014…A Review by Daddy

Ok, sat down last night with kitten and she asked me, being a horror flick junkie if I had ever seen “Wolf Cop”..Seen it? I had never even heard of it.So I was totally game for a new flick.

Let me start by saying the town of Woodhaven is one fucked up little hamlet. Outside of the fact they have an event called the “Annual Drink and Shoot” which sounds like all kinds of fun for kids of all ages. Other than that? Yeah, not somewhere I’d stop for directions and a bottle of pop.

They have a twisted evil Lady Mayor and an inept Police department.Now in all fairness, it’s hard for the Police department to be anything BUT inept when your entire force consists of 3 cops. The Chief (also fucking evil), Officer Tina (Cop of the month for like nine years running), And of course Lou Garou..The lovable raging alcoholic sex addict. Oh he is also a werewolf…Forgot that part.

Well a shit storm of robberies starts to destroy this little town, and Lou (Wolf Cop) decides he has had enough. So fueled by his hatred of crime, bad guys and enough bourbon to make Keith Richards go “Holy Fuck!”…He hops in his souped up Wolf Cop car…Total bad ass ride..and proceeds to take a bite, and a slash and a stab,and a rip your face off..literally…Out of crime!

This movie is so full of bad acting, blood, guts, gore, hilarious one liners, kink,Yes, slutty bartender fucks the werewolf, and then she turns out to be a shape shifter who turns out to be the evil Lady Mayor who is 200 years old…That’s all kinds of sexy, right? Awesome special effects, and all things considered? The story line in general is quite interesting and fun to follow…

I recommend this movie highly and give it two hairy, bloody thumbs up for the pure enjoyment factor!

Have a great day!

The Well Rounded Man…

I truly admire well rounded men…And women…Didn’t mean to imply that all people can’t be well rounded in their lives..One dimensional people bore me..My heroes have always been men like Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemmingway, Steve McQueen,..Men with a variety of passions. Yes, we all have our special things..Our number one passions, but we also need to keep broad horizons and open minds.

Myself? Yes, on the surface I love Baseball, Classic Cars, Horror Movies, Kinky Sex, and Bicycles…But Wait! There’s more!!!

Although Baseball is truly my favorite sport, I keep myself in tune with hockey and football as well. I was quite the athlete in my youth..Hockey, baseball, football were big parts of my school years, but when not on the field I spent most of my time playing the clarinet and saxophone…Also a fairly decent drummer..self taught I might add…

I am quite knowledgeable about fine whiskey’s and cigars too. Despite being a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, I have worked near some of the worlds finest chefs and I do appreciate high end cuisine..Although I may not love a lot of it? Fish! Ewww gross!! lol…

I feel as at home at the theater as I do at an amateur boxing match. I will watch a classic black and white film as quickly as I will enjoy a silly 1980’s cheesy comedy.

Elegant multi_ethnic couple on a date at the opera

Enjoy what you enjoy…No matter what anyone thinks. Don’t worry about being too lowbrow or too snobbish for anyone…Keep yorr mind open and your interests many…

Compliments…Yes please..

Call me conceited, call me vain, call me full of myself, I really don’t care..

Compliments. We all love them..Some of us? More than others…I am going to flat out say that I LOVE compliments..Everyone should! What’s wrong with feeling great about yourself? Your appearance? Take pride in yourself! Self confidence is super sexy! kitten and I receive compliments in all forms all the time…I mean let’s face it, we are head turners..Too much? No, not too much..We really are no slouches for sure…

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Granted, there are going to be some out there that read this and say “Pfffftt…get over yourselves already” To which I respond, “No…You start feeling better about yourself!” Your words bounce off me like bullets off of Superman….THAT is why I am a Super Daddy Master and am married to such an amazingly beautiful woman…

Are there things I’d change about myself? Maybe..Not really…But I don’t have to..My confidence in myself is what got me to where I am…

Love yourself people!!!

Under Construction…A study in stress and Daddy-kitten dynamics…

Stress..Yep…There is that ugly ass word..For those of you that don’t know, and why would you? Our home has been under repair, remodel since July 27th due to burst water pipes..What an absolute nightmare on SO many levels..Financially, living conditions, even stuff as simple as cooking has had its challenges, But how would this affect the Daddy-kitten dynamic you ask?

Allow me to explain…Since the first day it happened, the whole situation has been a colossal cluster fuck on all levels. I won’t go into full details, but our hands were tied regarding timelines on repairs. Something that could have been handled in a matter of a few weeks is now running into 3 months.That being said, let me continue.

Now, in our day to day normal lives, we live a very classic Daddy-kitten dynamic. My little housewife and kitten handling her tasks and having fun with life. Let Daddy handle the big stuff and work, right? Well, too much of that has been changed. kitten has been put in a situation where she has to be BIG too often and for too long now. My hours of work have made it necessary for her to handle most of the finances regarding the repairs and make all the appointments for the workers and such.. Constant phone calls, clearing up miscommunications etc. Although I am SO very proud of kitten, as she has amazing organizational skills and is a stickler for details, this has been overwhelming on so many levels for her….Me as well, as I can’t be there in person enough for her.

Now when I say she is a stickler for details I have learned a few things…1.Be on TIME!!! If you have an appointment with us? Be there…10 O’clock MEANS 10 O’clock…If you can’t guarantee that? Give us a window to expect you. kittens creed is if she is “on time?” She is late…2. Don’t even try and slip some bullshit passed her…Trying to slip BS passed her is like trying to throw a pork chop passed a starving wolf…Ain’t gonna fucking happen….

I myself am TRYING my best to keep her calm and make sure she has plenty of little fun time…She knows she is loved to the ends of the Universe and back, but as incredible and amazing as I am? I am only human and this stress is taking it’s toll on me as well…Daddy’s can break down too…

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that….Keep us in your thoughts as we continue to navigate through the shit storm and remain the best Daddy and kitten we can…

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day

Here’s some shit you may not know…

Q-Tips were originally called Baby Gays

Frederic Bauer, inventor of the Pringle’s can died in 2008 and his ashes were buried in? A Pringle’s can..

M&M stands for Mars and Muries..The candy inventors..

Kool Aid was originally called “Fruit Smack”

Duncan Hines was a real dude..

Hydrox cookies were around two years before Oreos..

The dot in a lower case i is called a tittle…

Lyme disease was named after Lyme Connecticut..Where the disease was first discovered.

You can perform ATM transactions in Latin at The Vatican…

Michael Jackson’s 1988 autobiography “Moonwalk” was edited by Jackie Onassis…

Dr. Ruth was trained as a sniper by the Israeli Army

Male students at Brigham Young University need a doctors note to grow a beard.

Captain Morgan was a real Welsh pirate..Later named Lt.Governor of Jamaica.

The string on a box of Animal Crackers was so you could hang from a Christmas tree..

Oscar the Grouch used to be orange

The guy who sang “The Grinch” song was also the voice of the orignal Tony the Tiger…

Horses can’t vomit..

Oh how I love trivia…

Have a happy day all!

Year One..

Sitting here reflecting early this morning.Next month will mark my first anniversary as a California resident. I spent the first 51 years of my life as a Massachusetts native growing up 18 miles west of Boston. I moved to California without a second thought, without hesitation simply to be with the woman I love and always will…It wasn’t even a question. I had to be with her no matter where that path lead me to.

I have really grown to love it here, but not going to say there aren’t things I am still getting used to and still learning. Driving for example is a world apart from Massachusetts driving for sure!! Not saying better or worse, but different. lol…People a a little different here, not as much as I thought, but I have run into some real characters here. NOT that I didn’t run with some real characters back east..No comment..I guess there are good people and jackoffs no matter where you roam…

Honestly? The only thing I was concerned with about moving here, having had some bad experiences when I spent time in Northern California in the early 90’s, was that I would nevah have a decent pizza again…Sigh…Well thanks to my lovely and brilliant wife…A native…I have been proven wrong on a few occasions!! Phew! Thank God for that!! hahaha…

Overall, things have balanced out…Some cost of living things in California are a little…Um…shocking…But other things here balance that out for sure…

Yes, I do miss a hand full of little things from my place of birth, but I will never have regrets about my move. I mean come on…I came to be with kitten…Hell, she could have lived on Mars and I would have hopped a rocket and taken alien lessons….

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Wonder Woman VS Catwoman.

Ah the age old question…Who is hotter?Which one really starts your engine? Wonder Woman? Catwoman? And I mean to compare who I consider to be the legendary portrayals of them…Lynda Carter VS Julie Newmar…And both big fur fans!! Yay!

Let’s see…Both 5’11”..Both with miles of curves, both sexy as Hell outfits..Which way do we go here?

Wonder Woman, The good side of the law..Fighting for justice.Amazonian strength..That Golden Lasso..Hmm…Tied up and unable to NOT tell the truth? Wold that be a good thing for some of you?? lol…

Catwoman..Evil, underhanded,an endless thirst for power and riches, The Bad Girl, Wrong side of the law, quite handy with a bullwhip and a slew of ways to render you totally helpless and under her total control…Sleeping gas, drugged claws, mind altering potions, seductive feminine wiles…..

I myself have to lean towards Wonder Woman..A close race indeed, but come it’s Lynda Carter!!!

Decisions, decisions…

This is what happens when I’m bored at 4:00 a.m….

Have a great day all!

Rest In Peace Ric Ocasek..

Just heard the news of The Cars front man Ric Okasek’s passing at the age of 75. No cause released as of yet.

I was always a pretty big fan of The Cars, being a Boston based band and also they definitely had a sound of their own, bridging classic rock and a new wave sound.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr.Ocasek twice in my life…Once at a local gas station, just sort of bumped into him and said “Hello”..He was quite curteous to me..

The second time was as guest at a former hotel I worked at. I had to knock on his door and tell him about a noise complaint…He could not have been more upset and embarrassed and apologized to the ends of the Earth…Very gracious…The noise in fact was his crazy bitch wife Paulina Poizkova…She was running around their suite chasing her kids and screaming like a drunken banshee…She gave me a look over his shoulder like “Who was I to even SPEAK to them??” Remember me Paulaina?? Yeah, I haven’t forgotten…lol…He assured me it would be handled right away…I thanked him and walked away smiling as I heard Ric shut the door and TEAR into her for being an idiot and making him look like a fool…Thanks Ric…

Your sound will be missed…Maybe you and Benjamin can send us some jam session tapes from beyond…

Sleeping On Real Fur is GOOD For You!

Just read an interesting article about this….No secret about my wife and I’s LOVE of real fur…But what’s this? Sleeping with fur is not only hot and sexy as all Hell, but it’s healthy for you??

According to this article, sleeping with fur especially in infancy can greatly reduce the risk of developing asthma later in life. Unlike faux-fur which can be petroleum based fibers that can be quite unhealthy….

You learn something new every day I guess!!

Here is the link to the article


GO FUR!!! =)

The Dr.Daddy Is In…

So Sunday, woke up with my kitten as usual…A little bit later we started in on Mt.Laundry pile…It was getting out of control…lol…Did a few chores around the house when kitten sat down and said she really wasn’t feeling good..Yuck tummy and such. I notice she was looking unusually pink and feeling quite warm…That’s It! Time for kitten to take some medicine and lay down! Daddy has this! Took care of the rest of the laundry, made sure kitten had some dinner later..Kielbasa and baked potatoes which were awesome…yes, Daddy cooks too…lol….After a long day of yucky on the couch, I took kitten back upstairs to bed, as I was heading there for a nap before work myself.

A few short hours later, I woke up, got ready for work. kitten stayed in bed so before I walked out the door, I went back up to see if she needed anything before I left, tucked her in all comfy and kissed her goodnight….Off to work I went.

At about 4:30 a.m, my phone rang and to my surprise and delight it was kitten!!! She had just woken up and went for a glass of water but wanted to hear my voice and tell me she was feeling MUCH better and thanked me for taking care of her…

No thanks needed, it’s what GOOD Daddy’s do!!!

Love you kitten and see you real soon! Have a great day all!