1. Former Professional BMX Racer.

2. I love horror movies. The bloodier the better.

3. Lived in Germany for about a year.

4. Elvis and I share a Birthday

5. Middleweight Amateur Boxer for 9 years.

6. I am legally blind and deaf on my right side.

7. Leg pressed 1,100 lbs three times once.

8. Deathly allergic to bees.

9. Love to cook/bake. I make some mean pork chops and blueberry muffins.

10. I was Lyndon B. Johnson in a grade school play once.

11. I am mildly allergic to cherries.

12. Have one tattoo and no piercings. More tats to come..maybe…lol

13. Was born in the same hospital as JFK.

14. Went to college for about two weeks…

15. Have received more compliments on my voice than anything else in my life.

16. Broke a record for a 5K run when I was 18..Record still stands 34 years later.

17. Lived in Massachusetts 51 years..California less then One year..

18. Favorite foods are Fried chicken, ribs, steak and pork chops.

19. I really don’t like seafood.

20. I despise wine.

21. Youngest of three. One brother and one sister.

22. I was a twin. I survived, he didn’t.

23. My parents legally changed my name to my twins name.

24. I hate flying.

25. Married for the first AND ONLY time at 52. I really love my wife. 😉

26. My favorite craft/hobby is leatherworking…

27. Once took a motorcycle to over 100 mph.

28. Was quite an accomplished Clarinet player.

29. If I had to pick one favorite movie? I would say “In The Heat of the Night” with Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier…

30. Gasoline and fresh cut grass are two of my favorite smells.

31. I know how to ride a horse.

32. Baseball is my favorite sport.Go Red Sox! And Giants!

33. I really dislike peach or mango flavored anything.

34. I hate “Friends”…

35. My wife, my kitten…she is my whole universe.

36. I prefer Vinyl records to any other music media.

37. I am a Ford, Lincoln, Mercury guy.

38. Started going gray when I was 19.

39. I can dislocate my left thumb.

40. I love turtles and frogs.

41. I am terrified of snakes, sharks, and alligators.

42. My favorite Non-domesticated animal is the Hippo.

43. I ate my first egg this year.

44. I once saved a persons severed thumb.

45. I did the morning Sports/News on a college radio station for a buddy once one summer. At 5:00 a.m.

46. I am NOT a morning person.

47. Jim Beam Black is my favorite bourbon.

48. Not a fan of beer that much, but I prefer really cheap beers.

49. French Toast, bacon, hash browns and scrambled eggs is my favorite breakfast…

50. I have owned 8 motorcycles.

51. I have owned 14 cars/trucks.

52. My favorite road bicycle was my 1984 Lotus Unique.

53. recently found out I have Welsh roots on my Dad’s side.

54. My dad was the first air traffic controller on duty during the Berlin Airlift.

55. TANG was invented in my hometown.

56. I do not own a cell phone.

57. I made Robin Williams laugh once.

58. I love Frito’s and Cream Cheese.

59. I get headaches at the drop of a hat. Not bad, but frequent.

60. I have very good night vision. Despite one good eye..

61. I love old cartoons.

62. I had a cardiac episode at 37.

63. At least 10 of my Facebook friends are dead.

64. I’ve never seen one episode of Game of Thrones.

65. I lived for many years at exact Mile 10 of the Boston Marathon route.

67. Meeting Bob from Sesame Street made me feel like a kid again.

68. Meeting Brooke Shields turned me into a babbling idiot..

69. As far as Canadian rock trios go, I prefer Triumph to RUSH..

70. First time I saw my wife’s picture online, I said I have to talk to that face. The rest is history.

71. We are still newlyweds.

72. I love pickles but hate them on my burgers.

73. Iced tea is my favorite beverage.

74. I’ve climbed Mt.Washington in New Hampshire 8 times.

75. When I raced, I logged 4-500 miles a week on my bike, training alone.

76. I was invited to the 1984 Olympic Trials…I didn’t make the team..lol

77. At one point I owned almost 1,500 vinyl albums.

78. Real Fur is my biggest fetish.

79. I am intrigued and very turned on by hypnosis.

80. I really can’t draw..

81. Took a cake decorating class once and found that I am naturally horrible at it..

82. Being from New England, I love the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics, but NOT the Patriots. I am an Oakland Raiders fan since I was 8!

83. I have seen 11 dead bodies on the job in hotels over the years.

84. At 10 years old, my best buddy dared me to jam a nail into an electrical outlet….I did…lol

85. I think Tom Jones is awesome..

86. I was a canoe instructor for several Summers at a Boy Scout camp.

87. I have no kids.

88. I was once ran the metal shop for a high end stereo speaker company.

89. Cap’n Crunch Crunberries are my favorite cereal.

90. I wear between a 9 1/2- 10 shoe.

91. My hat size is 7 5/8th…I look good in hats…

92. I’m eating a ham sandwich right now.

93. Would love to own a small vintage bicycle shop someday.

94. Been working virtually non stop since I was 13.

95. I love cross country skiing.

96. I am an excellent rifle shot.

97. Is this done yet?

98. I am at work right now.

99. My middle name is Robert after my Dad.

100. My favorite color is orange.

5 thoughts on “100 Things About Me…

    1. Thank you SO much! It was part of my job as a hotel Security director to come in contact with many VIP’s, celebs etc. And Yes, she is something else for sure..Love her to death!

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