Let’s get the facts straight…

There are FACTS…There are OPINIONS…Bottom line.This is one thing that drives me nucking futs when it comes to blogs. Before you go spewing your words out of your Blog-hole, please understand the difference between the two. See, if you are going to come across as somewhat of a “teacher”, then please refrain from using terms such as “everybody” or “no one” That is an OPINION, not a FACT..

To say that every man wants to wear diapers and listen to Boxcar Willie albums while taking a cheese grater to his nuts is an opinion…To say that water is fucking wet? That’s a fact…

To say that NO Woman wants to be anally cattle prodded on a rainy Thursday in Lansing Michigan?? OPINION!!! Hey, to each their own..To say that Horses can’t vomit? FACT (look it up..)

Please use these useful (opinion) guidelines as go bloggity bloggin throughout you life and you will be a much happier person…(opinion)..at least I will be..(FACT!)

2 thoughts on “Opinions are like Assholes..Everybody has One.

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