Some days I wonder what planet I am on…What became of manners..common courtesy…being a GENTLEMAN for fuck sake?? I would love to put blame on the younger generation…lol…But sadly, this behavior spans all ages and walks of life…Well guys, I am here to give you some pointers as how to be a true Gentleman and make her swoon…Feel free to take notes…And raise your hand if you have a question.

Let’s begin, shall we?

1.Bags/packages etc. Ok, being in the hotel biz this is one I am all to familiar with. Almost every weekend I will have couples enter the building with the wife/GF doing the majority of the baggage handling. Wait…WHAT??? Yes, it’s true campers. And more often then I’d care to say I have had the HONOR of carrying bags up a flight of stairs for a couple with the “man” (ahem, cough cough) being capable and 10-20 years my junior…YES! this actually happens!! Disgraceful in my eyes. How could any male of the species NOT be humiliated by this?? Zero sense of pride perhaps?? Let me just say that it will be a cold day in Hell when MY wife lifts anything heavier than her purse if I am there. Guys? Grab the bags without hesitation and man up…And hey! If it helps? Make two trips…No one will think any less of you…

2.Open the damn doors…Did the male populous miss class the day this was taught?? When with your better half, Please…I beg of you…Open and hold doors for her…The car…This one kills me…How many times have I seen the guy actually unlock the car hop in while his lady is standing there WAITING for him to even unlock her side…I have wanted to physically drag them out, take them by the ear and walk them around to open the door for her. Just to humiliate him and show her what a true bag of shite she is dealing with. This goes for opening the door at stores, restaurants etc…Whatever happened to “Ladies First??” Sigh…

3. The little things…These go without saying, but I’ll say them…Pull her chair out for her…Help her with her coat…Compliment her…It’s all free and she’ll think the world of you..Trust me! I know shit!!! 😉

4.Walking with her…For those of you new to this..When walking with your lady down the street…Guys??? Get your ass on the outside/curbside..You want to keep her safe, right??? There is ONE exception to this that I will accept and practice myself. If walking in a potentially dangerous area where strangers lurking  in doorways is a possibility? Yes, please take the inside lane.

p now and then5.The Slob Factor….Men…Please…Clean up after yourself. It’s not hard…Not saying you have to scrub the place down daily, but seriously…Your lady does not really want to transport your nasty ass socks and undies to the laundry basket…Trust me..That will get real old, real fast. Your MAMA doesn’t live here!!!! She will truly appreciate little bits of tidying up now and then.ok?

That’s a start…I hope this has been entertaining as well as informative….Thanks for listening…Sorry for the few typos….lol


3 thoughts on “Tips From Daddy…Pay Attention!

  1. Now, this… this mirrors a lot of my own thoughts. I can hands down agree with you on many things. Pay attention and be a gentleman, always and in all ways. Well done.

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