Seems like an odd topic…Celebrity deaths….Why do they upset us so sometimes? Yes, death is tragic..But why such connection and sorrow when they pass do we sometimes feel? They entertain us of course, make us happy, but the majority of us have no intimate connection to them…Well, here friends is my story….

Working for years as a Security Director for an upscale hotel I had quite the list a A list celebs in my Rolodex…You youngsters can look up Rolodex if you need…lol….This being said, two celebrity deaths really shook me to the core..John Kennedy Jr and Phil Hartman.

Over time, these two men became more than just guests/clients to me. We spent many hours together  and became legit first name basis buddies. The two of them were among the classiest and warm people I have ever met on any level. I remember being numb and chilled to the bone hearing of their tragic passing.  Literally speechless for a few days after John died. Rest in Peace to you both.

This is a post I would love to get feedback or stories as to a celebrity death that impacted you and why…Thanks

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