Ok, I’m a nostalgia nut…Thinking back to the simpler days of my youth and the glorious high school years..Ok, they weren’t always glorious but there was always an escape. Before the world of 24/7/365 media? There was the awesomeness of local TV and Radio. Any time the world seemed too much and life was just a royal pain in the balls? There were the local DJ’s and TV shows to make everything right and fill your world with great music and lousy late night movies..lol

Boston was a hot bed for amazing rock and pop  radio stations during the 70’s and 80’s but it was a little A.M.rock station..Yes, showing my age…A.M.Rock? Yes, it was a thing…A little rock station in my hometown of 30,000 people that was my go to in the early years…WGTR Natick, MA…The DJ’s became like family to a lot of us…John, David O, etc etc …I remember during the Blizzard of 1978 when the state was shutdown to all vehicles that the DJ’s were literally stranded at the station and kept broadcasting for days on end until the travel ban was lifted…True troopers.

As High School approached, WGTR faded away and the heavy hitter stations in Boston became my saviors…Yes, F.M…lol It was great, but not the same…Not as innocent, but still very cool…

Shortly after MTV took to the airways, a local TV station…A UHF station…Channel 66  V66 specifically became our very own LOCAL MTV! What a concept! A video channel for us still not on board with cable TV!!! Hog Heaven for this music loving teen…

Just a trip down memory lane…Hope you enjoyed and had similar memories.. 

3 thoughts on “The Days of 70’s-80’s TV and Radio

  1. I can SO relate to your memories! This post made me smile, hehe! I remember being in Atlanta and listening to “Dave’s Top 40” on the radio. There I sat with my cassette tape recorder, waiting with bated breath to slam down that record button just so that I could have my own copy of a song lol. Excellent post! I can’t wait to read more. 😀

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