Ok, so a topic near and dear to me..

Yes, I love furs…Real ones..nothing like them…I mean come on, everybody has that fetish that just sends them to the ends of paradise, right?

And thankfully my wife is right on board with this fetish. Makes our love life even more special from time to time. Not that’s it’s needed by any means, but it’s our special kink place we share. One of many…

Ok, when did this fetish start for me you may ask? Or maybe you won’t! Anyhow, I seem to remember when I was a young lad..8-ish or so..I would see these women on TV or in Movies in these gorgeous fur coats. I wasn;t sure why I was drawn to them, but I was. As I got older, It seemed simple. Most women I saw in real furs were sexy because of their level of confidence. Almost thumbing their noses at society saying “Fur may be wrong in your opinion, but fuck you, I look amazing! ” I liked that…Furs bring out a level of sexy, flirtiness , that is hard to explain…They also seemed to be worn by “The bad girls” in high school…And the Slightly evil, women of power in my later years..Such a turn on.

The obvious part of the fur fetish is the feel….The feel of sinking into deep soft pelts..having your love touch every inch of your body with the softness of fox, coyote, lynx etc…bringing every nerve ending to life beyond words….To a point of orgasmic ecstasy you must experience  to understand.

I am fortunate to have my kitten totally on board with this…It excites her just as much..She KNOWS what she does to her Daddy when she wears one of her several beautiful foxes in the bedroom or teases me relentlessly with fur toys..

I truly am a lucky Daddy…

3 thoughts on “Fur Fetish…When? Why?

  1. What a purrrrfect post, Daddy!!! my Lion~Daddy looks RAWWWWWRRRRRRRRR in His fur, too. ♥ Nothing like when Daddy blindfolds me with the red fox boa and teases and titilates every fiber of my being before claiming me deep and hard. i have the bestest Daddy in the WHOLE world. i ♥ U!

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  2. I agree! Fur is so fun to play with in the bedroom and to wear on the town. It’s especially fun to incorporate some primal play while all dressed up. 😉 Much love to you both! ❤

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