So, here I am…New to this blog world so thought I’d give a little intro…I am the Daddy and Husband of Succuent Savage…Some of you may know her writings. She is the love of my life and my whole world…

As for myself, I am a fairly recent (well, almost a year now) transplant to California, Massachusetts native, Born in Brookline, Raised in Natick, lived all over the state during my adult life.

Been in the hotel business since 1987, all aspects in the rooms division, Accounting and Security management….It’s an interesting field to say the least and have many days where I wonder is it all worth  it but most days I love what I do.

I, am a huge baseball fan (Go Red Sox!!), love most sports in general, Love classic cars Mostly Fords and Lincolns, Harleys and vintage British bikes, Music is a passion (rock, punk, jazz etc), Spent some days in my youth boxing…great stress…

My role as Daddy to my kitten has been something I have been grooming  for quite  sometime..Not exactly planned, but I have always been a leader. The one in control of situations in general. It helps with my daily Daddy tasks for sure…

Well, that’s all for now…I’ll get some truly interesting stuff going on here for sure real soon…

Thanks for stopping in!


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